IR (Investor Relations) Manager (in English)

Korea Credit Data aims to create a business ecosystem to help merchants overcome every business challenge they face throughout the life cycle of their business. With our business management solution, we make life easier for nearly 1 million business owners when it comes to running their business.

Investor Relations Manager at KCD

Duties & Responsibilities

IR manager role at KCD is not confined to financing activities and investment communications. To build an effective ecosystem, finding right partners is crucial, as we believe KCD is bound to partner with other industry players to accomplish our mission.
IR manager will be in charge of making sure KCD has enough resources, be it financial or strategic alliances, to explore its mission to be with merchants at every moment of their business.
KCD IR manager will be handling existing relations with financial and strategic partners, while developing new relations that will enrich our ecosystem. Based on general understanding on finance and capital market, he/she will be required to.. 
1) build financial projection models for various companies including KCD and potential acquisition targets.
IR manager will be in charge of 2) regular reporting to investors and all documentation works related to funding and any activities that requires investor attention including BoD and GSM.
He/she will also 3) conduct research on companies and sectors, collect data and create presentation materials, 4) as well as, analyze relevant data and enhance the existing database.

Requirements & Qualifications

5+ years of relevant experience or 3+ years of Investor Relations experience
Strong verbal, written, analytical, and critical thinking skills
Proven written/oral communication and presentation skills both in Korean and English
Ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously under tight deadlines and thrive in a fast-paced and high pressure environment
Exceptional networking skills and experience in building rapport with internal and external stakeholders
Organizational skills and the drive to lead projects to impactful outcomes
Excellent integrity and discretion
You will be working closely with our IR Lead, Yoojin:
Click here to check out Yoojin's LinkedIn Profile

How to apply for this role

Send a copy of your resume to join@kcd.co.kr
Let us know how you find out about this role (i.e. Notion, LinkedIn, etc.)

KCD hiring process

The entire interview process will be conducted in English and Korean
Introduction meeting with the talent acquisition manager
Each candidate will be paired with a designated talent acquisition manager of KCD. For the very first step of the hiring process, you will be speaking with the talent acquisition manager about the role you applied to. We want to get to know you as a person and discuss over key skills we require for the role.
Short virtual chat with the hiring manager
You will have a conversation over video before jumping into more in-depth interviews with the hiring manager
KCD project work
We ask every single candidate of ours to complete a small project prior to meeting our peers and CEO. The project work applies to all the vacant positions at KCD. Don't freak out yet! We do not expect anything perfect from you. The purpose of this step is for you to experience how our team gets work done and approach problems.
Project follow-up meeting
Once you are done with the project, you will be invited to a follow-up meeting where you can elaborate your work verbally and exchange ideas with our peers and the hiring manager.
Team Interview
We are aware of how intensive our hiring process can be. However, we truly want to ensure that this role and you are an incredible match throughout each interaction you experience with us. You will be invited to typically 2-3 interviews in one day (in person or over video), including an one-on-one meeting with our CEO.

Take a look at the blog post below to learn more about the KCD hiring process!